Thursday, July 10, 2014

Sheila Booth-Alberstadt and her Maggy McNair

Spiders in her hair?
Stinky underwear?
Sugar bugs in there?

Ask children to name the storybook character with these problems and they will quickly tell you it is MAGGY McNAIR! This loveable character is the brain-child of author and book publisher SheilaBooth-Alberstadt. As a mom of four children, Sheila has seen it all and pours her true-life experiences into the Maggy McNair series.

I first met Sheila at a Page & Palette book signing in Spring 2012. We were both promoting our first children’s books. Sheila is one of those people who instantly seems like a long-time friend. We found a shared enthusiasm for children’s picture books and chatted the day away sharing experiences as moms and authors.

Sheila and I were seated together again that year at a book signing for the Junior League of Mobile’s Christmas Jubilee event. By this time, Sheila’s third book was about to be released and she was a celebrity among the 8 year old and under crowd! Because Sheila donates her time to read at local schools, she (and Maggy McNair) are readily recognized by children and their parents.

Sheila and Professor Storytime swapping books.
In addition to being a talented author, Sheila has an entrepreneurial spirit. After going the traditional and arduous route of working with book publishers, Sheila established her own publishing house, SBA Books. With the freedom to decide what types of books to publish, Sheila is committed to publishing titles that help children and youth “deal with the tasks of daily life” as well as unexpected and challenging moments.

Sheila recently signed on a bright new author, her daughter Signe Rain Booth with her debut title, Josephine, First Day of School illustrated by Norris Hall. No doubt, she will find the same success as Mom!

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